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Cleaning your home of dust and stains has never been easier: Time saving. Safety. Multipurpose!!!

I may not be using a rag. and with it. I don't need to wring out the water manually.

Wet And Dry & No Wash

Water stains can be wiped off immediately. folded 180 degrees strong squeeze. easy dehydration. suitable for a variety of desktop. window glass. floor. kitchen. living room. bathroom.

Hand-Free Washing

The removable sponge head is easy to clean and can be replaced when needed. ensuring long-term use. The highly absorbent sponge head effectively removes dirt. dust and spills. making your surfaces shine quickly.


 Replaceable Brush Head

The cotton head is highly absorbent. rotating and adjustable. easy to install. scraping and wiping dual purpose. multi-scene use. such as tableware table. family dining table. table cleaner. compact and practical.

Portable Self-Squeeze Short Mop

Easy to use

The mop is compact and easy to move in narrow spaces and corners. providing a comfortable grip and extended cleaning time.

Portable Self-Squeeze Short Mop


  • Material:Ecological New Materials
  • Product size: 24.8 * 4.6cm
  • Cotton head size: 15.5 * 3 * 1.8cm
  • Mop Wipe Material:Super absorbent sponge
  • Product weight: 180G

Package includes:

  • Triangle mop set